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Web Development

Want me to work on your project?

I am a React + NextJS developer.
If you want to hire me for freelance work you can contact me at

Through multiple years of working as a full stack developer I also gathered experience with many other technologies.
To name a few:

Backend: Java Spring Boot, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Firebase

CI/CD: Jenkins, Docker

CMS Storyblok, Strapi, Wordpress

Some things I currently find interesting:

you've found me

Web Design

Coming soon(ish) ... just look at this website for now

Web Security

I absolutely love solving things in unintended ways and cyber security definitely scratches that itch. My web development background lead me to focus on web security. In this field I do security code reviews and security tests for web applications.

If you want to hire me for freelance work you can contact me at

Let me try to spark some enthusiasm for security

Below I created a couple of challenges to tickle your puzzle brain and convince you of the coolness of (digitaly) breaking things. Doing things that shouldn't be possible is way too fun!

Level 1

Requirements: None

The word “dog” is filtered out and will be deleted as soon as you type it in. Can you find a way to output it anyway?

Expected output: dog

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Level 2

Requirements: Understandig of JavaScript

Imagine the input is placed in a template like the following:var someString = '[input]';Apostrophes are escaped. Can you find a way to break out of the string and open an alert() window?

When coding, there are many characters which have a specific meaning in a programming language. Sometimes you want to write these characters in plain text without them executing their functionality. To achieve that you can use the backslash character “ \ ”. It escapes the next character, which means displaying it normally and removing any functionality.


  • JS commands in the same line can be separated by a semicolon.
  • It can be useful to comment code parts out which cause errors.
show hints and detailsInput:Output:var someString = '';
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Level 3

Requirements: Understandig of SQL

Imagine the input field below is used to input a username to find their favorite food. On the backend the input will be put into a SQL query. Can this be exploited?

If you got access to a database with user data, you might be able to find passwords which are (probably) hashed.

Your goal is to find a user with a weak password. What is the users password? Put it into the password field below.


  • 'UNION' can be used in an SQL statement to add data from a different table.
  • There are password cracking tools out there, even some online tools like
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SELECT username, food FROM users_food WHERE username='';
' UNION SELECT username, password FROM users;--
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you've found me
you've found me